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Robert Hanlon and Scott McCrea Team Up

Delighted to report that my first venture into co-writing a book, Strike Flint with best-seller Robert Hanlon, is up and running!

In Strike Flint, Hanlon’s Jake Timber teams up with my Ezra Flint for a rollicking western adventure.

In the book, U.S. Marshal Ezra Flint is called in by William Burroughs of the Burroughs Bank, located in Misery, Kansas. A fellow banker in Texas has been embezzled by an employee; the bank needs an infusion of gold to remain solvent and the entire matter hushed up. For that reason, no military escort can be involved. Flint is hired to safeguard the shipment of gold to Texas.

Flint wires Jake Timber, legendary lawman, and asks if he would join him when he reaches Texas. He is delighted when Timber agrees to meet him on the trail.

Leaving Misery, Flint engages a retired gunman, Seth Thyne, to help out, and with a mission to complete, no holds will be barred to bring criminality in Texas to justice.

You can get it here:

Robert Hanlon and Scott McCrea Team Up

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