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Finding Bradigan’s Mountain: Mountain Man’s Revenge

Mountain man Richard Bradigan goes on a deadly cross-country trek to save the girl he loves from his old nemesis, the sadistic Colonel Sauvage. With him are the outrageous Bon Chance Legrand, dime novelist Fred Stryker and disgraced soldier Captain Burr. But time starts running out for the searchers when they are pursued by some of the most dangerous badmen to ever come out of the West


Welcome to my site!

I grew up on thrillers, westerns, spy stories and tales of adventure. They were all I wanted to read and, now that I’m a writer, all that I want to write.

If you are tired of the dull routine, if you crave excitement, I offer you escape. Pull up a book, put your feet up and enjoy! (And let me know what you think!)

Savage Mesa


Mountain Killer


Cowboy Justice



I’ve been very lucky – lots of people like my books!

Scott McCrea’s prose is tight and smooth, and delivers a fair number of smiles.

Evan Lewis

Davy Crockett’s almanack

“It’s easy to read; fast paced; packed with action; and full of characters you’re soon rootin’ for, as well as those you can’t wait to meet a grizzly end. It’s great fun to read.”

Andrew Weston



I was born and raised in New York City, believe it or not. Even when I was a kid I hated the City and dreamt of bigger and broader expanses that I could fill with my imaginings.

“I write adventure stories.”

When I was a boy, I read thousands of books – detective stories, supernatural thrillers, adventure stories, spy novels. You name it. I led an aggressively imaginative life: every time I left the house I imagined a world of foreign travel and high adventures.

After writing professionally for years as a public relations man, I’m embarking on a new venture: a web of adventure stories that speak to all my great boyhood loves. I’m having a hell of a time writing these books – and I hope you enjoy reading them.

Scott McCrea


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