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Savage Mesa

The Cabrerra Brothers thought they had a perfect escape plan after stealing the plates for the new five dollar bill: hijack a balloon at the Miller Brothers 101 Ranch Wild West Show! Their plan goes haywire with the appearance of Wild West star Tom Mix, a band of renegade Comanches, and an emergency landing on Black Mesa, Oklahoma. Tom Mix and the bandits might survive … but only if they band together against the renegades.


Mountain Killer

A killer bear is slaughtering the villagers of La Mort Sanglante, a mill town in the mountains of Oklahoma. Marshal Tom Mix – on his way to a conference of Texas Rangers – isn’t so sure. Is Big Claw real, or a mountain man riding the vengeance trail? And will Tom be able to identify the killer before he becomes the next victim?


Cowboy justice

Tom Mix is working as marshal in Dewey, Oklahoma, when he comes across three badmen, murderous Jack Carlino and his two sons. Tom knows their reputation, but there is nothing to hold them on, and he reluctantly allows them to go free.

Soon, the train depot is held up with many casualties, including women and children. Tom Mix is savaged by an inquest looking for a scapegoat, leading Tom to go on a grim rampage of revenge.



Deuces Wild

When a card is cheat in lynched, Marshal Tom Mix vows to bring the killers to justice. But after they get off on a legal technicality, the survivors of the game are stalked by a mysterious killer hungry for vengeance.

Tom joins Bat Masterson – visiting Dewey to reclaim past glories – on the hunt for the killer, a hunt that could end with both of them at the end of a hangman’s rope!



Hogg Wild

When Tom Mix returns to mountain country for a short vacation, he finds anything but rest and relaxation. Upon arrival he is up to his ears in a family feud, moonshiners, an illicit love affair and an overly-friendly racoon.

Standing at the wrong end of a shotgun wedding, Tom waits to be rescued by his friends Hutch and Hull. If they fail, Tom faces the greatest challenge of his career: the poetry-spouting backwoods diva, Luscious Hogg.



Blood Relations

Beryl Webley was the daughter of the richest and most dangerous man in Oklahoma. She engages Tom Mix to do a simple task: track down her missing Choctaw husband and their child.

Tom is reluctant at first, but grows concerned over the child’s welfare and agrees to trace the missing pair. But nothing can silence his sense of dread. Why was William Webley, the child’s grandfather, so intent to keep the matter hushed up? Why were the staff so terrified of Beryl? And why was Tom’s movements dogged by hired gunmen?


Mountain Manhunt

When world-famous hunter Sir Arthur Rollinson arrives in Dewey, he convinces a reluctant Tom Mix to join him and two Caddo guides for a hunt on the desolate and dangerous Thunder Mountain. But the expedition turns deadly when the hunter goes after a more dangerous game – with Tom Mix as his prey!


Tom Mix and the Sundance Kid

Tom Mix investigates a series of mysterious shootings at the Dembo Ranch only to discover that the new man in town is actually the notorious Sundance Kid, very much alive and waiting for a chance to retrieve stolen gold. Soon Tom and Sundance team up, followed by a murderous group of renegade Pinkertons and two beautiful women! Has the Sundance Kid gone straight … and is Tom Mix riding for the gold?


Bradigan’s mountain: the first man

Bradigan’s Mountain Book I: The First Man is the first book in an exciting new mountain man trilogy about Adam – a hero who has lost his memory and roams the mountains in a quest to learn his true identity.

When Marshal Tom Mix finds a man beaten and shot in the backstreets of Dewey, the only clue he can find to the man’s identity is a torn map with the words Bradigan’s Mountain written at the bottom.

The man recovers – but has completely lost his memory. Tom dubs the mysterious stranger Adam, (the first man, with no past to speak of), and grubstakes him enough money to return to Bradigan’s Mountain to learn his identity. With Adam is Pillian, a young Caddo mountain guide.

When they arrive in logging country, Adam and Pillian get mixed up in a failing mill, a murdered sheriff and a fortune in stolen money.


Bradigan’s mountain: Say His Name

Bradigan’s Mountain Book II: Say His Name is the second book in an exciting new mountain man trilogy about Adam – a hero who has lost his memory and roams the mountains in a quest to learn his true identity.

Adam and Pillian arrive at the Charteris Copper Mine, where Adam is welcomed as Robert Charteris, the missing son of an important mining family. But Adam’s relief at finding his identity is short-lived when he realizes that nothing about the Charteris family makes any sense, and that the reality of the situation could be very deadly.

Can Adam save the patriarch he comes to regard as his father? Or will the mountain man fall victim to a scheming temptress?


Bradigan’s mountain: In Search of Home

Bradigan’s Mountain Book III: In Search of Home is the third book in an exciting new mountain man trilogy about Adam – a hero who has lost his memory and roams the mountains in a quest to learn his true identity.

When Adam and Pillian are attacked by hired killers in the woods of Bradigan’s Mountain, the young Caddo is injured by a shotgun blast. They take refuge in the church of St. John the Baptist, where the pastor shows them a valuable relic: a solid gold cross lined with rubies.

When the bandits return to steal the cross, Adam and Pillian head out to recover the relic. But – will the quest cost them their lives?

In Search of Home is the exciting conclusion to the first Bradigan’s Mountain trilogy about Adam – a hero who has lost his memory and roams the mountains in a quest to learn his true identity.


Finding Bradigan’s mountain: A Legend Begins

Fleeing the blood and madness of the Civil War, Richard Bradigan takes to the mountains and a life of freedom and independence. He meets legendary mountain man Bon Chance LeGrand and learns the skills necessary to survive in the wild.

When he rescues a young Potawatomi woman, however, freedom does not come so easily…

Join acclaimed western-writer Scott McCrea in this first book in the Finding Bradigan’s Mountain trilogy!


Finding Bradigan’s mountain: A Trail of Pain

In the second book of the acclaimed Finding Bradigan’s Mountain trilogy, mountain men Richard Bradigan and his mentor Bon Chance LeGrand leave the mountain for supplies. In town, Bradigan finds the man he believes stole his family farm after the war, and is seriously injured in a knife fight at the local saloon.

Trapped in town and in danger of dying, Bradigan does not know his old nemesis, Col. Pierre Sauvage, is in charge of transferring the Potawatomi to Indian Country – including his beloved Kewanee.

Bradigan makes his own trail of pain as he faces danger and death in pursuit of the woman he loves.
Join acclaimed western-writer Scott McCrea in this second book in the Finding Bradigan’s Mountain trilogy!


Finding Bradigan’s mountain: A Mountain Man’s REvenge

Mountain man Richard Bradigan goes on a deadly cross-country trek to save the girl he loves from his old nemesis, the sadistic Colonel Sauvage. With him are the outrageous Bon Chance Legrand, dime novelist Fred Stryker and disgraced soldier Captain Burr. But time starts running out for the searchers when they are pursued by some of the most dangerous badmen to ever come out of the West

One thing is guaranteed – it will all end in blood. But who will live and who will die?


Tom Mix and the Wild West Christmas

Marshal Tom Mix plans on spending a quiet Christmas at home when he gets an urgent message from Buffalo Bill Cody. The famous showman is doing a special Christmas performance of the Wild West Show for an orphan asylum where he will distribute thousands of dollars’ worth of presents, and he wants Tom to guard them.

When the presents are stolen just before Christmas, Tom and Buffalo Bill team up to find them, resulting in a raucous Christmas Caper that will fill you with holiday cheer!

Join acclaimed Western writer Scott McCrea for this special Christmas book in the Tales of Tom Mix series!


Twenty Chests of Gold

Introducing a new series of adventure novels by storyteller Scott McCrea!

Jeff Galleon, California surfer and beach bum, is a “person of interest” to the police when old friends are murdered. Galleon soon discovers he is at the center of a conspiracy involving rogue American agents, a beautiful assassin and missing pirate gold. He traces the treasure from California to New York to Paris to the Dominican Republic, but can he find it before the killers find him?

Twenty Chests of Gold is the first in an exciting new series of adventure stories featuring Jeff Galleon by Western Writers of America Spur Award finalist, author Scott McCrea.


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