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I figure the best way to tell you about myself is to answer the questions I usually get. And … on with the show:

Tell us about yourself. Did you always want to be a writer?

YES! When I was in first grade I was already writing stories of vampires and monsters; by fifth grade I had graduated to spy heroes and assorted adventurers. Then came the westerns. I ended up becoming a professional writer of public relations materials. Let me tell you, nothing is more soul-crushing than writing about urge urinary incontinence when you want to be writing about dangerous men and even more dangerous adversaries.

How did you start?

I’ve written a few nonfiction books over the years, but my daydreams just got bigger and bigger. I wanted an imaginative landscape similar to all the craziness going-on inside my head, so I moved to fiction. I wrote many (many!) books until I finally had my first success with both the Tales of Tom Mix and Bradigan’s Mountain series.

Tell us about these first two series?

The Tales of Tom Mix and Bradigan’s Mountain have been great fun! The Tom Mix books are westerns that take place in the final days of the West in Oklahoma and I make a point of making all of them different. Cowboy Vengeance, for example, is a grim revenge story, while Hogg Wild is a riotous comedy. The Bradigan’s Mountain books are a family saga that takes place in the mountains of Oklahoma.

What kind of man is Tom Mix in your books?

Tom Mix is a showman at heart, and that makes him brash and reckless. He is also maybe a little too enthusiastic for his own good. But he was also a real Marshall, a working cowboy and sometimes saddle tramp. He tries to do good.

But it’s important to remember that Tom Mix was not made by the West; Tom Mix knew he was made for the West. When he was 10 he saw Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West and he was hooked. He used his mother’s clothesline to learn trick roping, and took scraps to make his own “cowboy outfit.” Tom Mix was captive to the romance of the West as he saw it at Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West.

Every boy dreams of being a cowboy; Tom Mix did it.

My books are founded on the notion that the world is full of adventure — you can find it everywhere and anywhere. I want you to enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

– Scott McCrea

What’s next?

I have written thrillers and crime dramas that will be released over the course of 2024, and I hope to add adventure stories to that list.

I have lots of stories I want to tell; stories about heroes, villains and the worlds in which they live.

Anything you would like to say to your readers?

Yes! These books are written for you! Let me know which ones you like through Twitter at or on my Web site, or on my Goodreads page. I’m not an artist – I’m an entertainer. Let me know what kind of books you like best, and those are the kind of adventure novels you will get!

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