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Cover Reveal for the First Jeff Galleon Adventure!

Here is the cover of my next book, Twenty Chests of Gold, the first Jeff Galleon Adventure. As it says on the back cover…

Introducing a new series of adventure novels by storyteller Scott McCrea!

Jeff Galleon, California surfer and beach bum, is a “person of interest” to the police when old friends are murdered. Galleon soon discovers he is at the center of a conspiracy involving rogue American agents, a beautiful assassin and missing pirate gold. He traces the treasure from California to New York to Paris to the Dominican Republic, but can he find it before the killers find him?

Twenty Chests of Gold is the first in an exciting new series of adventure stories featuring Jeff Galleon by Western Writers of America Spur Award finalist, author Scott McCrea.

Cover Reveal for the First Jeff Galleon Adventure!

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