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Bradigan’s Mountain III: In Search of Home

Delighted to announce that Book III of the Bradigan’s Mountain trilogy, In Search of Home, has just been released!

When Adam and Pillian are attacked by hired killers in the woods of Bradigan’s Mountain, the young Caddo is injured by a shotgun blast. They take refuge in the church of St. John the Baptist, where the pastor shows them a valuable relic: a solid gold cross lined with rubies.

When the bandits return to steal the cross, Adam and Pillian head out to recover the relic. But – will the quest cost them their lives?

In Search of Home is the exciting conclusion to the first Bradigan’s Mountain trilogy about Adam – a hero who has lost his memory and roams the mountains in a quest to learn his true identity.

What did you think of In Search of Home — and which is your favorite book in the trilogy?

Bradigan’s Mountain III: In Search of Home

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