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The Old West, Pirates, Politics and Hidden Treasure

It’s almost impossible to parse the pleasures of Bowie’s Gold by Evan Lewis. In an age when many true-life Western heroes are on the verge of being forgotten, Lewis brings Jim Bowie back to lusty life.

And is it life! The Bowie in this book is a full-throttled adventurer. It’s almost impossible to read without grin; Bowie takes as much pleasure out of life as we do reading of him.

In short: to finance his political ambitions, Bowie needs money – lots of it. He goes off in search of pirate gold and travels much of the country to find it, dogged throughout his adventure by his old enemy, The Last Great Terror of the Gulf.

This is engaging, delightful historical fiction that somehow feels like a cross between George MacDonald Fraser and Indiana Jones. This is a rich, delicious romp – red blooded and sweeping – across an early American landscape. There are thrills, hair-breadth escapes and even laughs. Terrific fun.

Lewis is the also the author of Crockett’s Devil, where he similarly brought Davy Crockett to lusty life. Both are heartily recommended.

The Old West, Pirates, Politics and Hidden Treasure

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